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Kitten with anal leakage

64 1 year ago
My cat has a secretion coming either from her vagina or her anus. She drips after going to the bathroom. It started after we moved from one country to another. What do you think this could be? Thank you. Hi Anabella— thanks for your email.
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5 Gross But Common Cat Butt Problems

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Cat Anal Gland Problems: How to Identify and Treat Them

A rectal prolapse is the extrusion pushing out of the inner layers of the rectum through the anus. Appropriate and timely treatment of the causes of straining may prevent cases of rectal prolapse in. The rectum can either partially or fully prolapse. Both of these conditions can be seen by the pet parent. Before the rectum prolapses, most cats will have other conditions that cause them to strain and therefore push their rectum out of place.
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Clear Fluid Leaking from Butt

In the interest of happy litter boxes everywhere, we asked Dr. Jean Hofve, holistic veterinarian, author and founder of the site, Little Big Cat , to talk to me about cat butts. Here are some things Dr. Hofve tells us are common issues cat owners — and their beloved felines — face.
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Overview Anal sac disease is a common and very smelly problem. If you have ever experienced an atrocious odor coming from the backside of your beloved cat, you have probably had the pleasure of smelling anal gland discharge. This fluid, used to mark territory, is normally expelled during defecation. If the fluid builds up in the glands, it can cause pain and infection, and sometimes even lead to abscesses and rupture. Signs So what do you need to watch out for?

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